A Small Business Accelerant

Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) allow for small business growth by providing their small business clients and their employees with the following services and advantages:

  • Human Resources
  • Multi-state Payroll Processing
  • Comprehensive  Array of Employee Benefits
  • Human Resources, Benefits & Payroll Compliance
  • Human Resources, Benefits & Payroll Best Practices
  • Federal, State and Local Workplace Regulations
  • Efficient Vendor Delivery Vehicle into the Small Business Market
  • Average client size: 16 employees
  • Allow for startups and other small business to recruit, retain & develop great human capital
  • Great benefits and workplace compliance at the small business from day one!
  • Most small businesses want excellent benefits, total workplace compliance and HR best practices but can’t do it alone
    • Too time consuming
    • Too complicated
  • PEOs takes over these responsibilities and allow the small business to focus more time on core activities while achieving a better than compliant and competitive workplace—competitive with Fortune 500 companies
  • PEOs allow for the small business to achieve HR, payroll and benefits parity with Fortune 500 companies.  PEOs deliver a Fortune 500 company HR, payroll and benefits experience to the small business employee, thus creating a level playing field and allowing for America’s small business and their employees to better compete in our global economy.

PEOs have allowed for America’s small business to grow and hire more employees, and PEOs provide our Nation’s economy with the following macroeconomic benefits:

  • Allow for fluidity in the small business market
  • Small business focus and acceleration
  • Efficient reallocation of non-core functions